Email from friend a couple weeks ago whose bday just happens to be May 5:

Hola Amigos -
The national holiday, Cindo de [Friend’s Name], is almost upon us once again!! Please mark your calendars for Saturday, May 3rd for a bowling FIESTA! I think we should do a piñata again this year…
I will be reserving lanes - so if you could let me know if you are able to attend that would help me estimate the number of lanes I will need, etc. Once I have everything finalized, I will send out an email with location, details, and whatever else you may need to get your hinnies there…
Let me know if you have any questions and please add anyone I may have forgotten.
If you cant come - consider this friendship over.
Follow-up today:
Mi Amigos -
A little change of plans for our annual celebration of Cinco de [Friend’s Name]!
It appears other bowling fiestas were planned in advance of mine, therefore, the lanes were not available until after 10 PM. If I was turning 22 this may have worked, but let’s be honest - I’m turning 29 and that’s a wee bit too late for me!
New Location: The Point
401 N. Milwaukee
Time: 8 PM
They have reserved an area in the back bar for us - you’re free to eat dinner there or just drink whatever your little hearts desire! 
See ya next Saturday!! 
Mind you, I already RSVP’d saying I wouldn’t be able to make it, but still keep getting the emails. I’ve honestly never seen someone make such a big deal about their bday year after year. Is this odd to anybody else?


Albert Pujols: The 26th member of the 500-HR Club.

Still a little pissed at Albert for leaving the Cards, but the dude is a beast.

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You silly little girl, you think you’ve survived so long that survival shouldn’t hurt anymore. You keep trying to turn your body bullet proof. You keep trying to turn your heart bomb shelter. You silly thing. You are soft and alive. You bruise and heal. Cherish it. It is what you are born to do.
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The veggie cup from Protein Bar is my go-to breakfast most mornings. I feel like a healthy person for at least a few hours of the day… But I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth all the random comments that I get whenever someone walks into my office and sees it. I wasn’t aware veggies for bfast was so shocking.

Attempting to jump back in the dating game and meeting a guy (whom I’ve never met in person) for drinks.

Y’all should say a prayer for him. I’m good at being single and a pretty decent girlfriend, but dating…

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I’ll be the first to admit that I HATE cleaning like everyone else, I’m sure. But having a messy apartment stresses me out so I force myself to do it. However, I’d love to hire someone to come in and do a big “spring clean” and hit the stuff that I tend to skip. Do any of you in the Chicago area have a go-to that you can recommend?

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Bridesmaids (the movie) on Sunday night is a great way to end the weekend. Always lots of LOLs.


J.Crew Factory has a 50% off everything sale going on today. There’s not a ton that caught my eye, but these double-serge cotton pencil skirts ($37.50 from $75) are perfect for summer work wardrobes. They’re also available in black and red.

P.S. This weekend tote with gold stripes is adorable too. It’s $34 from $68. 

I ordered the mint skirt above and the suit below after a whole afternoon of debate. For some reason I hate spending money lately. I’m worried about myself.

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